2015 – 2016

In uitvoering

In de periode 2015 – 2016 heeft MINT in opdracht van CULD gewerkt aan het masterplan en het ontwerp van de openbare ruimte voor de nieuwe NHTV campus te Breda. Thanks to the acquisition of a monastery complex next to its current building complex, the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda, The Netherlands, has the opportunity to grow into a true campus complex. The design team of INBO-CULD is developing a campus based on a core idea of sustainability, place-making and connectivity.

The entire program will be reshuffled in order to ensure better shared facilities, connect public programs to the public space and to create a true green atmosphere around a central heart of the campus. The heart will be the new iconic centerpiece of the campus, with a strong entrance an ceremonial function, while the rest of the campus complex will breathe a lush and energetic mood of reflection, sports and interaction.